Carbase Responsive Dealer Website Example

There has been a lot of talk about Responsive Website Design and for good reason! Responsive Website design is the preferred option by Google and ensures that your customers are able to view a consistent message regardless of whether they are on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or a Mobile phone. With a responsive website, the display detects the device you're viewing and in "response" displays the data formatted accordingly!

This means there is no longer a need for a different mobile website nor will your visitors have to “zoom in” or turn their phone sideways to see your site on a smartphone. offers the most advanced, mobile-friendly responsive websites on the market. With advanced click-to call functionality to text message and geo-location tracking!

At our #1 goal is to help you leverage these emerging online opportunities, so we load our sites with more standard features than virtually any of our competitors. We are constantly adding features and functionality to keep your dealership on the cutting edge of the online revolution.

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Easy to use mobile friendly responsive websites

Modern Technology Your Design

Your Design

We work with each client to design a completely custom website in a week or two, not 6 months. From the ground up, our auto dealer websites and auto service websites are mobile-friendly. That's a must. We take your ideas, wishes and worries and put them together in a nice package for your customers to easily use. You don’t want your traditional marketing and advertising to look just like all the other auto dealers in town, so why would you want to have a cookie cutter website just like everyone else? The support staff will help you keep your site relevant and unique by making changes and keeping current with your other marketing efforts. Conversion Tools

Conversion Tools & Sprockets

All sites come with the ability to add features we call 'Sprockets' to any page, at any time. If you want to add a form, promotion, slideshow or your own Sprocket, pick from a list. This allows you to present your current sales and incentives anytime. If you are sending out a direct mail piece for your 4th of July sale, your website should present this sale too. With Carbase, your website will match every sale or promotion, every week. We offer continuous training so you can learn to make easy drag and drop changes or you can use our support team to make your changes. Customization

Customize Anything

Adding plugins from 3rd party providers is a snap! We can add them in days rather than months. Making your site flip around, well, that might take a programmer. Luckily, we give you access to everything, yes everything. We developed our own code, CBHTML, that makes it easy for kinda/part-time web developers to go into the site and make drastic changes with really cool editors.

And don’t worry, if you don’t have a developer, use our exceptional staff. When you call our support team, an actual person will answer the phone and help you right away. The days of memorizing the phone tree sequence are over. VDP Focus

VDP Focused

The whole point of an auto dealership website is to sell cars. That's why we spend more time than other providers thinking about tools to help people click on vehicles. We also provide more 'out of the box' conversion tools than any other auto dealer website provider. And you can ask for changes on your VDP, at any time. Remember, our support team has a real person answer the phone to help you. In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell

We've built an auto dealer website and marketing platform that has no limits! We offer a ton of tools and options for your dealership so together we can build something unique and results-oriented. Our easy to use drag and drop technology is simple enough for just about anybody to make changes. If you prefer, our support team will make changes. And best of all, the site will work on any device, because all the sites we build are mobile-friendly and use responsive design principles and technology. Get a Demo

Let us show you

We want you to see what we can do for your auto dealership. We can make things easy for you. We can help you with training. We can help with the design. Our support team can help you make changes any time you like. And we can help get more people in your dealership! Try our service and you'll discover why in over 15 years of providing Web & Data solutions to the Automotive Industry, almost none of our clients have switched to another provider. We have a 98% retention rate. That kind of loyalty, online success and satisfaction can only be earned! Call us today at 1-866-999-1266 to discuss the solution that matches the vision of your dealership.