Carbase Responsive Dealer Website Example

Carbase makes it so easy for you to upload and manage your new and used auto inventory to your website. This allows for optimal presentation and gives consumers all the necessary information needed to build trust and connect with your sales team - taking them to the next step in the buying process. With Multi-Pic, Vin Decoding and all data feeds, we make getting your inventory to the market quick and accurate!

We provide free training any time and a call to our support team will be answered by a real person that can help you make changes.

Inventory Management - Pricing, Pictures & Tagging Picture Management

Picture Management

You can either use the Carbase Control Panel, our mobile app, or MultiPic, our Windows based dealer website picture manager, to upload pictures, with custom overlays. Carbase supports unlimited pictures per vehicle, stock photos for new vehicles and easy per-vehicle photo management. Featured Inventory

Featured Inventory

You can configure Featured Inventory many ways. You can add Featured Inventory to ANY page!! So when the Carbase Control Panel is telling you that you've got inventory hanging around longer than 90 days, add a new page, add Featured Inventory, and show those old vehicles! If you would like our help, call our dealer website support team. Special Pricing

Special Pricing

Whether you call it Special Pricing, Internet Pricing, or something else, you can set fly dates for pricing. Again, create an inventory page, call it Saturday-Specials, then add the special pricing to those vehicles. Our dealer website support team and advertising experts are there to help too if you need some creative help with landing pages for advertising. Inventory Tagging


This is a very cool dealer website feature. Add a tag like 'ownerspecial' to inventory, and then add an inventory page called Owner's Specials and pick the tag when creating the page!! Our drag and drop sprocket technology makes it easy. Want some help? Call support. Weekly Ads

Weekly Ads

Yes, this may be legacy and old school, but sometimes it is nice to have a big page of all the cars on special. It is really easy to manage and our support team is there to help. Incentives and Rebates

Incentives and Rebates

Manufacturer’s rebates and incentives can be brought into your SRP and VDP, giving you the advantage of lowest pricing. Picture Overlay

Picture Overlays

Add picture overlays to all pictures, or individuals using MultiPic. We have training available anytime or if you would like some help, call support. You might be surprised but, real person will answer the phone and make your changes in 24 hours or less. Calls to Action

Calls to Action

We don't really want too many CTA's on the search pages, but we include Texting, Scheduling Test Drives and Click to Call. This is pretty simple, but any time you need us call support. A real person will answer and help you make changes in 24 hours or less. VDP and SRP Layouts


Pick from a variety; like grid or list. Or, we can build some layouts, including several different filters from super simple to show-me-everything. Call support any time and a real person will answer and make your changes in 24 hours or less. Search Engine

Custom Search Engine

Text searching is really popular due to Google. While not everyone uses it, we support searching everything by typing a few words. Got questions, call support and talk to a real person right off the bat. VIN Decoding

VIN Decoding

Instead of wasting time and money by having someone at your dealership spend hours typing in all the features of every vehicle, you can have all this automatically done with our VIN Decode. Plus the standard VIN Decoder description will be expanded with our VIN Decoder. Dealer Data Exports

Dealer Inventory Data Exports & Feeds helps you reach targeted car buyers with your new and used car advertising. We export your inventory data export to third party sites for maximum lead generation. If you are not currently with, contact us to find out about our data export deals. DMS Data Polling

DMS Data Polling

Our DMS Data Polling gets information from your Dealership Management System, which updates your online inventory on a scheduled basis. You no longer have to enter vehicle information once into your DMS and again into a web base inventory system. Our DMS Data Polling saves your dealership valuable time. DMS Integration

DMS Integration

Our DMS Data Polling integrates with popular Dealer Management Systems and we are happy and willing to work with any DMS. DMS Marketing

DMS Marketing

DMS Data Polling automatically creates updates and removes vehicles listings on a scheduled basis. It is a vital part of any online inventory solution. Your inventory reaches consumers faster than ever.