Hashing Out Your Inventory

by Carbase.com Automotive Websites
11/15/2016 - SIOUX FALLS, SD

Last week on our Sale$ycle blog series “Real Time Inventory Solutions” we talked about the many issues that you, the car dealer, face when it comes to inventory and aging. This week on our Game Plan series, we are going to discuss how your Carbase.com website can assist you with your inventory problems. Here are the issues we brought to light last week:

Aging Inventory

Too much of the wrong inventory

Inventory without desired packages, features or accessories

New inventory coming in

Priced too high or too low for the market

Competition with another local dealer/franchise

Getting inventory on your website right away


A surprise hit

In recent years, the “#” has become a hashtag instead of a pound sign. It is #This and #That, but do you know what that hashtag really means? You can go out to any social media site and see a hashtag. It’s a sorting system. It is a way for a system to identify similar topics.

Carbase.com has a tagging system that works in a similar way and it will make your life easier. After Mother Nature rears her ugly head and damages your inventory, you can easily go into each vehicle that is damaged and create a tag with that vehicle - without disrupting your normal inventory message. After you have your tags in place you then can create a separate inventory page for those specific vehicles, then menu it so it appears with the traditional menu of the page. You should see these changes in real time on your website.

You can do the same with any inventory. If you wanted to drop the prices on aging inventory and keep them separate from your monthly specials, you can do that! When you go in to change the price on those vehicles, assign a tag, create a page titled ”Recently Reduced”, then menu it. You can either keep adding to this page by tagging new vehicles as you go, or you can delete the page when you have sold the inventory you were needing to move.

Carbase wants to put you back in control of your message online. Real time inventory pages that you maintain control; you can choose how your customers view and use your website… after all, who knows your customers better than you?

Follow us next week in our Sale$ycle blog we will discuss the importance of website usability.


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