What impressed me most was the impact of organic search engine listings (SEO) that the Carbase platform provides. I cannot remember seeing another platform that resulted in more pages being ranked in the top ten for a relevant search query... The positive impact on a dealer's SEO effectiveness is significant.

Frank Shoop CDJR 2/22/2018
"We switched to Carbase from a very popular website provider two and a half months ago and have been blown away by our website's performance! Our Bounce Rate has been cut in half, our organic traffic, is now outranking paid and direct traffic, and the team at Carbase continues to exceed our expectations on a daily basis. We have been able to customize every aspect of our website to reflect who we are as a dealership and create a user friendly experience for our customers."

"I have been using Carbase for well over 16 years now and will continue to use them. I have made several webpage design changes over the years, I mean a whole new site and they have all went flawless, they have incorporated everything I wanted into them and I've had no interruption in service while the transition was going through. Very good customer service, if I have a problem with something I have never had to wait more then a day to have the problem resolved and some of these problems have involved programming. I find the control panel very user friendly and if I do need assistance with something in the control panel they have always walked me through it and made sure I understood. From transferring my inventory to other sites, to customizing something for me on my site, to just going above and beyond with issues I have, they are the company to have your website through. They go the extra mile to make sure my dealership has a professional presence on the web.".

Einspahr Auto Plaza 2/22/2018
"Since launching the upgraded site with Carbase, the metrics have continuously surprised me and the analytics speak for themselves. We are getting more leads, a higher Google ranking...everything. I love it and I love that I can make my own changes.",

R.W. Motors 2/22/2018
I have to say that the support I have received from Carbase is second to none. I would recommend you to anyone. I'm very impressed how quick you make things happen.

Norfolk GM and Columbus Chrysler 2/22/2018
We Discovered Carbase nearly 5 years ago and have always been impressed. However, this latest platform has absolutely been incredible! Not only are our leads up, everyone in the dealership loves the site and so do our customers and mobile users.",

Quality Auto Sales 2/22/2018
When I first talked to Carbase I wasn't sure we needed a website change. However, since making the switch, we've not only substantially increased our lead volume, we also get a ton of compliments on the clean and modern look and ease of use. It's been a great decision

411 CarLine 2/22/2018
I highly recommend Carbase to anyone needing tech support, website construction or anything in their field. We had them build our site 3 years ago, and it is absolutely amazing. You call and speak directly with a person. Both Katie and Kevin have been so helpful along with the rest of the team. Every time I pick up the phone I get an answer to my question. Great products and outstanding customer service. Thank you Carbase

At Carbase.com we get know we get to know the dealerships we work with! We understand how they operate. We ask what they need! It;s a high-leval of customer satifation that keeps our dealership partners happy year after year! And it show! Let us know how we doing for you!